Collaboration with photog Espen Ixtlan

Seems like once again I have a busy jam packed summer ahead. I'm working on pieces (27) for a dual exhibition w/ my brother, Alex Lanau, which will be in November...details soon.

And I am starting a collaboration w/ Norweigian photographer, Espen Ixtlan. He is best know for his work with the band Apoptygma Berzerk.

The project will def be dealing w/ my aesthetic of 'things are not as they seem', and in his words The keyword here is Apoptygma Berzerk and our goal for this co-work is to rearrange and create a different way of perceiving selected photos from " Evolution has left the building...thank God" and take them a step further from just ...being a hell of a photo. Further information on this project will follow. 1984 IS NOW!
I will def be blogging and tweeting more this summer as this project progresses.

For more info on Espen Ixtlan and his latest project, the photo book, 'Evolution has left the Building....Thank God' http://www.ixtlanbooks.com


The Alice 15

This is long overdue. Below is a series of 15- 15"x15" canvases w/ collages sewn onto them and an image from the collage painted onto the canvas. I do need to reshoot them as I documented them quickly so they could be seen.