35- Instagram

I finally created an Instagram account. I don't know why it took me so long. I did get my BFA in photography ;)




34- A lil shameless promotion

Thanks to SA Current for a lil plug for Saturday night:


The Amazing Exploding Synthesizer Dance Fest features performances by Christopher Anton (formerly of Information Society), DJ Hans 242 and special guest Dawn of the Phoenix, plus an art show with works by Myriam Lanau of Cabana Boy Productions and Jain Brown of Jehane Craft

33- Amazing Exploding Synthesizer Dance Fest

This Saturday, 9.3.2016 is the Amazing Exploding Synthesizer Dance Fest, and I will be vending. I will have my 8x10 and 11x14 collages as well as 8x10 matted digital prints...price range $15.00-$25.00.

Come out and get your untz untz untz on...

32- Etsy relaunched

Been awhile, and I feel very neglectful.

Since my last post, I had an exhibition in St Petersburg Florida in April, which I created a new series for. Do not worry, I am actually gonna blog about that series soon.

I'm just posting now because I have taken Etsy out of vacation mode. I lowered prices on all pieces. I hope to upload more work in the upcoming weeks.

Et voila:


31- On Off Fred Road Studio Tour 2016

The On and Off Fred Road Studio Tour is coming!  

Mark your calendar for Friday, February 19th for the kick-off autograph party at Bihl Haus Arts, and then the Tour runs Saturday and Sunday February 20th and 21st.  

I will be set up at laurel Gibson's studio/house. I'll have 8x10 and 11x14 collages, 8x10 photographic prints, and my luck boxes. The prices range from $5.00-$25.00

Info can be found here:

30- Bermuda Triangulated: The Weather Today...

A back-burner series is moving to the front burner. I am having an exhibition in St Petersburg, FL on Sat 4.9. Details to come closer to the show.

I have decided to finally manifest Bermuda Triangulated: The Weather Today series. If this sounds familiar, it should. It's from Chuck Palahniuk's DIARY. 

When I read the book in 2007, the quotes that started with 'the weather today...' caught my eye.  I jotted them down as I tend to do w/ quotes that catch my eye when I read.

I am creating 15- 11x14 'illuminated manuscript' drawings in the vein of my MIYLology series http://cabanaboyproductions.blogspot.com/2009/09/on-august-19-2004-while-at-iah.html , each piece will have a quote.

Here are the quotes and the order in which I plan to display them. The capitalized letter in each quote will be an initial letter on the page. I love that I have 15 quotes and that The Weather Today is 15 letters ::wink::

T …is nervous disgust with Tentative apprehension
H …is Heat and scratchy and it hurts
E …is partly suspicious with a chancE of betrayal

W …is bitter With occasional fits of jealous rage
…is partly soused with occasional bursts of dEspair and irritation
A …is calm and sunny but the Air is full of bullshit
T is increasing Turmoil with a possible physical emotional breakdown
H …is frantic, panicked, and sligHtly rushed
E …is foggy with widEly conflicting stories
R …is getting really really pissy Right about now

T …is an increasing Trend toward denial
O …is partly furious with Occasional fits of rage
D …is calm, reserved, and Defeated
A …is partly Angry leading to resignation and ultimatums
Y …is slightlY maudlin