Dream- Nightmare Series

The end of this year has been really a time of simmering and planning. After I finished the mythology series, I decided not to produce any new work till the start of 2010.

When I did some transferring from sketchbook/thought book 33 to 34, I realized, I have quite a few projects that have been simmering on back burners for quite some time, and one is a dream/nightmare series.

I am hoping to do these as photo collages in the vein of what I did w/ the collaboration w/ Courtenay Martin for our exhibition in 2007 'I GOT YOU(R) BACK', but add type.

The type bits will be from lyric fragments that have the word 'dream' in them. I have quite a few right now, but I'd like to pare it down to 10-12.

I sent out a tweet late Saturday night/Sunday morning and I rec'd some suggestions, which I will follow through on over the long weekend. I also have a sheet somewhere in my studio w/ a list of lyric fragments, but I gotta find it.

Anyhow, this is what I have thus far:

Frontline Assembly
'We'll steal your dreams, control your mind'

'In my dreams, I'm drowning all the time'

Lonely Hearts
'Lonely hearts, lonely dreams'

'The day you left my dreams...'
'I'll see you in my dreams.'

Aesthetic Perfection
Great Depression
'California dreams of suicide'

VNV Nation by far Ronan Harris wins the race
'In desperation dreams...'

'All that I wish and all that I dream'

'As fleeting dreams still linger'

Holding On
'Find comfort in this hall of broken dreams'

'You were the sum of their dreams'
'The spirit of dreams'

'Not forgetting what it means to dream'
'Will I dream? I'm too scared to close my eyes'

Dark Angel
'In your dreams you see me clear'

'To see our hopes and dreams fulfilled'

'After all these years to dream again'

Tomorrow Never Dies
'Futile dreams...'

'I'm sure it's not a dream'
'Are we dreaming there are better days to come'

Any ideas and suggestions will be appreciated.


It's def the end of the world...

....why you ask?

I have vowed that 2010 I will be more shameless w/ art, and promoting my business, so I created a Twitter account:

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Trailer 2 for new AIW

I'm getting super excited.....


New 'Alice in Wonderland' trailer reveals a different story
December 16, 8:43 AMNew Haven Movie ExaminerJ.C. Radley

Disney released a new trailer for Tim Burton's adaptation of the children's classic "Alice in Wonderland." The latest trailer features snippets of several scenes with Alice, played by Mia Wasikowska, The Mad Hatter, played by Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter as the "Red Queen." The trailer confirms that this version of "Alice" is a sequel to the Lewis Carroll story focusing on the "return" of Alice, to Wonderland.
The trailer begins a "tiny" Alice meeting the Mat Hatter; if you are familiar with the original story, or animated Disney version, you'll remember that Alice had morphed back to her 'regular' size when she met with the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter recognizes Alice and says "you're back" and "you're absolutely Alice, I'd know you anywhere." The "Queen of Hearts" is called the "Red Queen" and she has apparently "taken over all of Wonderland" since Alice has "been gone." Unlike the original "Alice in Wonderland," there is a battle scene and the Mad Hatter is wielding a sword. Alice can also be seen dressed in armor as if ready for a battle. Towards the end of the trailer, if you look closely, you'll see a dragon. I'm not quite sure where this fits in. Edit to add: Thanks to Tommy who commented below; the dragon is the Jabberwocky from "Through the Looking-Glass."

The new trailer caught the attention of Kellvin Chavez from LatinoReview.com who says although he's never seen the original, "this looks pretty damn good." As one who has seen the original (quite a few versions of the original as a matter of fact) I'm a bit disappointed that this Tim Burton adaptation strays so far from the original story. What do you think? Check out the trailer below.

"Alice in Wonderland" hits theaters on March 5, 2010.


I feel sorry....

...for whomever it was that busted my kitchen window and broke in and took some items and left the same way.

Why you ask?....Seriously, people who have 'messed' with me, don't end up well... and I have nothing to do with it.

So yea let me explain...

I got home today, sore b/c I had a procedure done on my back yesterday, and I was thinking 'I'm not doing laundry'. I go into my backyard and I noticed my kitchen window was open.


Then it dawned on me, some little fucker broke in through the 12" high window b/c there is no alarm sensor... that is changing. AND they had to go out the same way.

What did they take you ask? Well that is what is quite interesting... the house didn't look like it had been broken into- less the window.

They grabbed my antique laptop. I say antique b/c it's from 2003 and slow as hell and I never used it online b/c it was full of viruses. It was just my personal dvd player for when I was hungover. They took my wopping 10 DVDS...no they didn't take TrueBlood. They took one binder of CDs... that blows, but they are all uploaded onto my work desktop, my desktop, which obviously I still have and my external. Whewwww.

Now this is where it gets weird. In the studio, they took an old camera that I got for 15$ once b/c the lenses were missing and the accordian style deal had cracks. They snagged my old 'boombox' Yea I bought it in 1990.... and in the bathroom, they snatched my makeup and all my gaudy tacky cocktail rings. 'Mameia', the goodess of cocktail rings, was violated today...but it gets better. They took all my makeup.

So I am thinking this was some young dude who wanted to impress a girl and went Christmas shopping.

As the police officer and I walked through, he chuckled 'I guess you would notice if anything was missing. You are quite tidy and organized.' As he said that I opened up fully the 'costume closet' door because it was slightly open and it's where all my gear is hanging, and clank clank clankity clank it went, he added 'Well I think what we found that scared them off.'

Yea fuckers took some random ass shit, I'm pissed about the window getting broken b/c of the glass, but I have to say, it's stuff. Polly Princess P is fine and they didn't trash my place... but now it's gonna be Ft Knox.

That backgate is gonna be locked 24/7. The maintenance dude is gonna have to give me a heads up when they need to get back there. There are metal screws in all my downstair window frames now, so no window is ever gonna get open unless it's broken w/ a chair and by then people will see.

I always had a false sense of security being front row center BUT always that back corner by my backdoor gave me the creeps...especially if I had to come home at night that way. Well the creepiness happened today.

And I do feel sorry for the culprits...

Romans 12:19 is all I gotta say ;)

Ok, I'm glad I am organized and have a CD list b/c now I gotta go and print it and I need to start thinking about the rings that are gone, and the make up. Seriously makeup?

People... no rhyme or reason....but if anyone sees anyone wearing one of my signature rings, ask them 'where did you get that?'

::fists in air::