Dream- Nightmare Series

The end of this year has been really a time of simmering and planning. After I finished the mythology series, I decided not to produce any new work till the start of 2010.

When I did some transferring from sketchbook/thought book 33 to 34, I realized, I have quite a few projects that have been simmering on back burners for quite some time, and one is a dream/nightmare series.

I am hoping to do these as photo collages in the vein of what I did w/ the collaboration w/ Courtenay Martin for our exhibition in 2007 'I GOT YOU(R) BACK', but add type.

The type bits will be from lyric fragments that have the word 'dream' in them. I have quite a few right now, but I'd like to pare it down to 10-12.

I sent out a tweet late Saturday night/Sunday morning and I rec'd some suggestions, which I will follow through on over the long weekend. I also have a sheet somewhere in my studio w/ a list of lyric fragments, but I gotta find it.

Anyhow, this is what I have thus far:

Frontline Assembly
'We'll steal your dreams, control your mind'

'In my dreams, I'm drowning all the time'

Lonely Hearts
'Lonely hearts, lonely dreams'

'The day you left my dreams...'
'I'll see you in my dreams.'

Aesthetic Perfection
Great Depression
'California dreams of suicide'

VNV Nation by far Ronan Harris wins the race
'In desperation dreams...'

'All that I wish and all that I dream'

'As fleeting dreams still linger'

Holding On
'Find comfort in this hall of broken dreams'

'You were the sum of their dreams'
'The spirit of dreams'

'Not forgetting what it means to dream'
'Will I dream? I'm too scared to close my eyes'

Dark Angel
'In your dreams you see me clear'

'To see our hopes and dreams fulfilled'

'After all these years to dream again'

Tomorrow Never Dies
'Futile dreams...'

'I'm sure it's not a dream'
'Are we dreaming there are better days to come'

Any ideas and suggestions will be appreciated.

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