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New 'Alice in Wonderland' trailer reveals a different story
December 16, 8:43 AMNew Haven Movie ExaminerJ.C. Radley

Disney released a new trailer for Tim Burton's adaptation of the children's classic "Alice in Wonderland." The latest trailer features snippets of several scenes with Alice, played by Mia Wasikowska, The Mad Hatter, played by Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter as the "Red Queen." The trailer confirms that this version of "Alice" is a sequel to the Lewis Carroll story focusing on the "return" of Alice, to Wonderland.
The trailer begins a "tiny" Alice meeting the Mat Hatter; if you are familiar with the original story, or animated Disney version, you'll remember that Alice had morphed back to her 'regular' size when she met with the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter recognizes Alice and says "you're back" and "you're absolutely Alice, I'd know you anywhere." The "Queen of Hearts" is called the "Red Queen" and she has apparently "taken over all of Wonderland" since Alice has "been gone." Unlike the original "Alice in Wonderland," there is a battle scene and the Mad Hatter is wielding a sword. Alice can also be seen dressed in armor as if ready for a battle. Towards the end of the trailer, if you look closely, you'll see a dragon. I'm not quite sure where this fits in. Edit to add: Thanks to Tommy who commented below; the dragon is the Jabberwocky from "Through the Looking-Glass."

The new trailer caught the attention of Kellvin Chavez from LatinoReview.com who says although he's never seen the original, "this looks pretty damn good." As one who has seen the original (quite a few versions of the original as a matter of fact) I'm a bit disappointed that this Tim Burton adaptation strays so far from the original story. What do you think? Check out the trailer below.

"Alice in Wonderland" hits theaters on March 5, 2010.

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