Dream- Nightmare Series

The end of this year has been really a time of simmering and planning. After I finished the mythology series, I decided not to produce any new work till the start of 2010.

When I did some transferring from sketchbook/thought book 33 to 34, I realized, I have quite a few projects that have been simmering on back burners for quite some time, and one is a dream/nightmare series.

I am hoping to do these as photo collages in the vein of what I did w/ the collaboration w/ Courtenay Martin for our exhibition in 2007 'I GOT YOU(R) BACK', but add type.

The type bits will be from lyric fragments that have the word 'dream' in them. I have quite a few right now, but I'd like to pare it down to 10-12.

I sent out a tweet late Saturday night/Sunday morning and I rec'd some suggestions, which I will follow through on over the long weekend. I also have a sheet somewhere in my studio w/ a list of lyric fragments, but I gotta find it.

Anyhow, this is what I have thus far:

Frontline Assembly
'We'll steal your dreams, control your mind'

'In my dreams, I'm drowning all the time'

Lonely Hearts
'Lonely hearts, lonely dreams'

'The day you left my dreams...'
'I'll see you in my dreams.'

Aesthetic Perfection
Great Depression
'California dreams of suicide'

VNV Nation by far Ronan Harris wins the race
'In desperation dreams...'

'All that I wish and all that I dream'

'As fleeting dreams still linger'

Holding On
'Find comfort in this hall of broken dreams'

'You were the sum of their dreams'
'The spirit of dreams'

'Not forgetting what it means to dream'
'Will I dream? I'm too scared to close my eyes'

Dark Angel
'In your dreams you see me clear'

'To see our hopes and dreams fulfilled'

'After all these years to dream again'

Tomorrow Never Dies
'Futile dreams...'

'I'm sure it's not a dream'
'Are we dreaming there are better days to come'

Any ideas and suggestions will be appreciated.


It's def the end of the world...

....why you ask?

I have vowed that 2010 I will be more shameless w/ art, and promoting my business, so I created a Twitter account:

Find me and follow......


Trailer 2 for new AIW

I'm getting super excited.....


New 'Alice in Wonderland' trailer reveals a different story
December 16, 8:43 AMNew Haven Movie ExaminerJ.C. Radley

Disney released a new trailer for Tim Burton's adaptation of the children's classic "Alice in Wonderland." The latest trailer features snippets of several scenes with Alice, played by Mia Wasikowska, The Mad Hatter, played by Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter as the "Red Queen." The trailer confirms that this version of "Alice" is a sequel to the Lewis Carroll story focusing on the "return" of Alice, to Wonderland.
The trailer begins a "tiny" Alice meeting the Mat Hatter; if you are familiar with the original story, or animated Disney version, you'll remember that Alice had morphed back to her 'regular' size when she met with the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter recognizes Alice and says "you're back" and "you're absolutely Alice, I'd know you anywhere." The "Queen of Hearts" is called the "Red Queen" and she has apparently "taken over all of Wonderland" since Alice has "been gone." Unlike the original "Alice in Wonderland," there is a battle scene and the Mad Hatter is wielding a sword. Alice can also be seen dressed in armor as if ready for a battle. Towards the end of the trailer, if you look closely, you'll see a dragon. I'm not quite sure where this fits in. Edit to add: Thanks to Tommy who commented below; the dragon is the Jabberwocky from "Through the Looking-Glass."

The new trailer caught the attention of Kellvin Chavez from LatinoReview.com who says although he's never seen the original, "this looks pretty damn good." As one who has seen the original (quite a few versions of the original as a matter of fact) I'm a bit disappointed that this Tim Burton adaptation strays so far from the original story. What do you think? Check out the trailer below.

"Alice in Wonderland" hits theaters on March 5, 2010.


I feel sorry....

...for whomever it was that busted my kitchen window and broke in and took some items and left the same way.

Why you ask?....Seriously, people who have 'messed' with me, don't end up well... and I have nothing to do with it.

So yea let me explain...

I got home today, sore b/c I had a procedure done on my back yesterday, and I was thinking 'I'm not doing laundry'. I go into my backyard and I noticed my kitchen window was open.


Then it dawned on me, some little fucker broke in through the 12" high window b/c there is no alarm sensor... that is changing. AND they had to go out the same way.

What did they take you ask? Well that is what is quite interesting... the house didn't look like it had been broken into- less the window.

They grabbed my antique laptop. I say antique b/c it's from 2003 and slow as hell and I never used it online b/c it was full of viruses. It was just my personal dvd player for when I was hungover. They took my wopping 10 DVDS...no they didn't take TrueBlood. They took one binder of CDs... that blows, but they are all uploaded onto my work desktop, my desktop, which obviously I still have and my external. Whewwww.

Now this is where it gets weird. In the studio, they took an old camera that I got for 15$ once b/c the lenses were missing and the accordian style deal had cracks. They snagged my old 'boombox' Yea I bought it in 1990.... and in the bathroom, they snatched my makeup and all my gaudy tacky cocktail rings. 'Mameia', the goodess of cocktail rings, was violated today...but it gets better. They took all my makeup.

So I am thinking this was some young dude who wanted to impress a girl and went Christmas shopping.

As the police officer and I walked through, he chuckled 'I guess you would notice if anything was missing. You are quite tidy and organized.' As he said that I opened up fully the 'costume closet' door because it was slightly open and it's where all my gear is hanging, and clank clank clankity clank it went, he added 'Well I think what we found that scared them off.'

Yea fuckers took some random ass shit, I'm pissed about the window getting broken b/c of the glass, but I have to say, it's stuff. Polly Princess P is fine and they didn't trash my place... but now it's gonna be Ft Knox.

That backgate is gonna be locked 24/7. The maintenance dude is gonna have to give me a heads up when they need to get back there. There are metal screws in all my downstair window frames now, so no window is ever gonna get open unless it's broken w/ a chair and by then people will see.

I always had a false sense of security being front row center BUT always that back corner by my backdoor gave me the creeps...especially if I had to come home at night that way. Well the creepiness happened today.

And I do feel sorry for the culprits...

Romans 12:19 is all I gotta say ;)

Ok, I'm glad I am organized and have a CD list b/c now I gotta go and print it and I need to start thinking about the rings that are gone, and the make up. Seriously makeup?

People... no rhyme or reason....but if anyone sees anyone wearing one of my signature rings, ask them 'where did you get that?'

::fists in air::


A Night on the Hill for the Arts

From the director of Tobin Hill Arts Alliance

--La Casa Rosa Art Studio is hosting "A Night on the Hill for the Arts" to
benefit the Tobin Hill Arts Alliance on November 21 from 6:30pm to 10pm at
527 E Dewey Place. A silent auction will be conducted from 6:30pm to 8pm
and is made possible by the the generosity of 55 artists and the support
of the "Friends of the Arts". We need to raise funds to continue our
efforts to bring art to the community.

The Tobin Hill Arts Alliance, through its own efforts, has brought
excitement and art to the historic Tobin Hill neighborhood. In only 6
months we have been incredibly successful and we need to continue with
your generosity and support by participating in this event. Be ready for
a night of excitement and celebration for the arts. Music on the patio by
GQ Velasquez. Throughout the night, we will have several raffles.

We hope to see you at "A Night on the Hill for the Arts" and meet the
Remember "A gift of art lasts forever!"--

Luis Lopez
Founder and Chair, Tobin Hill Arts Alliance


Facey Spacey

This has been a blog that has been simmering in the back of my cerebellum for some time.

As many people who know me know, I refuse to open a Facebook acct. I have my reasons.

I recall back in 2005 my friend's younger sister was talking about Facebook w/ her friends. I asked 'is that like Myspace?'

She replied rather snidely, 'yea but you have to be in college. It's like Myspace but for students'

And then FB opened up to the masses.

I know many say Myspace is a sinking ship, but really for music and artists, it's far more creative. I have been able to peruse FB b/c most bands accounts are open, and I have seen my friends accounts on FB when they come over and want to check their accounts....

I have too many accounts as is: I am on various message boards/ forums, I have 3 blogs (MS, Xanga and Blogger), a lastfm, a youtube and not to mention my own website...why on earth do I want another way to waste time? I can only juggle so much LOL

I am one to keep in contact w/ people. It's been one of my gifts...heck I still send cards/notes/snail mail GASP...what is this you speak of, you ask?

I really think (and here comes the inner conspirasist in me) that all these social networks are not only a way for us to be distracted and not pay attention to what is really going on, but a way for us to be kept track of.....I hear the black helicopters now....

OK OK OK I know it's a little sinister of me, but to bring it back to the lighter side, to me Facebook is the suburbs/PTA of the social networking world, and Myspace is downtown. I'll stay downtown thankyou... and don't get me started on Twitter

A buddy of mine and I joked just yesterday that we were gonna take the best of all the social netorks and start our own.... ya never know the way I master juggle.

::cue circus music::

and with that I will let you get back to your regular slacking schedule. HA


Holiday Twist


Holiday Twist: Not Your Grandma's Christmas WreathFriday, November 6th
7 pm - 9 pm
1114 S. Saint Mary's, #200



Exhibit of Doom

I will have 3 pcs in this exhibition...
stuff from the 'black and blue' period
::nudge nudge wink wink::


No Intention of Giving Up II

This Saturday, October 16th, at Gallery Ortiz is another fundraiser/exhibition for Katie. This time it will include art be other artists as well as Katie's...and I too am donating a piece to the event.

See flyer below


Chalk It Up 6.0

Once again I will be particpating in ArtPace's CHALK IT UP! chalk festival as an invited featured artist.

Here's some info from ArtPace's website:

Saturday, October 10, 200910:00am-5:00pm- HOUSTON STREET
Chalk It Up 2009Watch your step on October 10, 10-5pm for a street-level gallery of chalk masterpieces! Chalk It Up is a free, family-friendly event where San Antonio's premier artists transform city sidewalks into colorful works of art. Help complete a super-sized street mural or roll up your sleeves and make a work of your own at the Freestyle Section. Don't forget Kidzones-spaces designed to let creative spirits soar!

This annual community event is an opportunity for locals and tourists alike to appreciate and participate in our city's creative resources.

It's safe to say my design will have stars and squares as part of the compostion. It's become a tradition since 2004.

Hope you can stop by and say hi.

And after Chalk It Up, pop on down to S Flores for the 3rd annual SMART FAIR.

Link below has more info about the event.




On August 19, 2004 while at IAH (..Houston.. ..Intercontinental.. ..Airport..) on a layover between ..San Antonio.. and ....Palm Beach...., I was looking for a book on Greek mythology. Yes the E terminal has shops, I am not THAT delusional. I thought I need to get back into my drawings and the illuminated manuscript stuff I was doing when I veered to the photography path at my ‘fork in the road’. I checked the Museum Store (by the way it is no longer there) and to the mini Borders that is in terminal E. While in the children’s section, it came to me. Create your own mythology.

Now some people have asked over the course of the 5 years that it has taken me to complete this series, why I created my own mythology when the 1st commandment of my faith is:Thou shall not have any other gods before Me? The answer is simple, my artist statement. It still holds true…..things are not as they seem… I have left it up to you the viewer/audience to contemplate and come to your own conclusions as you view the work that is based on illuminated manuscripts from the Northern Renaissance.

I wrote the following in Sept 2007:

Project narrative:

I have created my own mythology. Granted many of us have our own 'mythology', however I took it a step further and created 13 gods and 13 goddesses. Now they are not being created in an illustrative way in which the characters are like comic book characters or creations. I am doing it in a more design way. Each 'character' has a typeface related to their character. For example 'Plastikon' is the god of credit card debt, and the typeface related to his character is a stencil. I'm doing the series in 'phases'. Phase 1 is a name introduction. Where each 'character' has an initial letter done up very illuminated manuscriptish and the rest of the name is in the typeface. I am hoping to do 'Phase 2' as giant illuminated manuscript pages (16”x20”) built up by pattern and layers of colour from the various typefaces thus creating elegant bright patterns of decoration, which one will think are just pure bliss, and then upon reading what they stand for, hopefully will get a chuckle or perhaps make some ponder as illuminated manuscripts were the vehicle used to promote religious stories or what some might call propaganda are now being used as a way of introducing new 'characters' into the vernacular. And finally I would like 'Phase 3'to be an overall societal assault with tshirts, bumper stickers etc.
I have surrendered Phase 3 because now that this series is finally complete, lo and behold I am going through a new change artistically… again.

If the slide show does not load, click on 'view all images' and it'll open up a new window where the slide show will load



The SA Craft Mafia fundraiser for founding member Katherine Brown. She is fighting glioblastoma (aka stage 4 brain cancer) and has...
No Intention of Giving Up

Save Sunday July 26th 4pm - 8pm at the:
Tiki Lounge at El Tropicano
with music by Austin's TURBO 350.

Free refreshments and pay-as-you-go bar (all proceeds go to the Trust Fund). Kat's art and jewelry will be for sale - take this chance to get an original piece of assemblage art. We will also accept straight-up donations for her and her children. Every penny counts.

Some links to learn more about Kat's journey:
Article in the San Antonio Express News (thank you, Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje)
Article in Handmade News (thank you, Nichole Jeske)http://www.handmadenews.org/article/index.php?id=1240




Rummage Haus @ Stella Haus

From owner and curator Dayna de Hoyas

Rummage Haus @ Stella Haus
Homage to Harrell Fletcher
by the Chingaderos de Marfa

I just loved Harrell Fletcher's community project idea soooo much that I'm copying it! I asked permission of course. Stop by for an experience that will make you wish you were a part of. Wait a minute, you can become a part of.

First Thursday April 2nd 6-9pm
First Friday April 3rd 6-9pm
King William Fair day April 25th 10-6 pm.

People participating in the project:
Andrew Watson, Lisa Longoria, Marcy Mcchesney, Lili Pena Dyer, Julia Landois, Sky Patterson, Jason Willome, David Alcantar, Myriam Lanau, The Swede, Nina Hasselle, Frank Leal, Dayna DeHoyos, Allison Beshur, Sarah Fisch, Beto Gonzales, Allegra Castro, Troy Wise, Matthew Ahern

If you would like to see how Harrell Fletcher did it originally http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vaGFycmVsbGZsZXRjaGVyLmNvbS8= click on projects then "Here Gallery" 2nd image attached to email is of Harrell Fletcher's original project.



This used to be the SACM blog, but after 6 months of asking for things to be transferred to other people's names and email addresses and nothing happening, I opted to just turn it into another blog for my shameless promotion.

I will be editing all the previous posts in the next few days, but now it's all about CABANA BOY PRODUCTIONS

::petting the fluffy cat and laughing like a true 007 villian::