Facey Spacey

This has been a blog that has been simmering in the back of my cerebellum for some time.

As many people who know me know, I refuse to open a Facebook acct. I have my reasons.

I recall back in 2005 my friend's younger sister was talking about Facebook w/ her friends. I asked 'is that like Myspace?'

She replied rather snidely, 'yea but you have to be in college. It's like Myspace but for students'

And then FB opened up to the masses.

I know many say Myspace is a sinking ship, but really for music and artists, it's far more creative. I have been able to peruse FB b/c most bands accounts are open, and I have seen my friends accounts on FB when they come over and want to check their accounts....

I have too many accounts as is: I am on various message boards/ forums, I have 3 blogs (MS, Xanga and Blogger), a lastfm, a youtube and not to mention my own website...why on earth do I want another way to waste time? I can only juggle so much LOL

I am one to keep in contact w/ people. It's been one of my gifts...heck I still send cards/notes/snail mail GASP...what is this you speak of, you ask?

I really think (and here comes the inner conspirasist in me) that all these social networks are not only a way for us to be distracted and not pay attention to what is really going on, but a way for us to be kept track of.....I hear the black helicopters now....

OK OK OK I know it's a little sinister of me, but to bring it back to the lighter side, to me Facebook is the suburbs/PTA of the social networking world, and Myspace is downtown. I'll stay downtown thankyou... and don't get me started on Twitter

A buddy of mine and I joked just yesterday that we were gonna take the best of all the social netorks and start our own.... ya never know the way I master juggle.

::cue circus music::

and with that I will let you get back to your regular slacking schedule. HA

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