29- TEN at Bihl Haus

I'll have a piece at this exhibition next week. FRIDAY THE 13th....

From Bihl Haus:

Bihl Haus Arts is turning TEN! Diez! Dieci! Tien! Decet!  To celebrate it to the tenth degree, we invited more than two dozen artists with whom we've worked over the past 10 years to contemplate what the number "10" means to them.  When you think about it, we use the number "10" for lots of things--the decimal system, currency, metrics.  We rate things on a scale of 1 to 10.  Most of us have 10 toes and fingers.  The possibilities are endless!

The exhibition opens with a reception at Bihl Haus Arts on Friday the 13th (November 13), from 5:30-8:30 pm, which is free and open to the public. The evening features live music by Los Nahuatlatos, 10 comics telling each telling a one-liner, a 10-part live-action group painting, 10 kinds of beer provided by our good friends at Silver Eagle Distributors (crafts and seasonals Ziegenbock, Goose Island, Freetail Texicali, Saint  Arnold Christmas, and Karback Mother in Lager, plus Corona, Modelo, Michelob Ultra, Budweiser and Bud Light).plus wine and light hors d’oeuvres. TEN continues through December 19, 2015.

TEN artists are: Norman Avila, David Zamora Casas, Carol Cisneros, Patricia Cody, Laurie Dietrich & Erik Bosse, Joan Frederick, Laurel Gibson, Page Graham & Tami Kegley, Gabbe Grodin, James Hetherington, Debora Keller-Rihn, Myriam Lanau, Marcy McChesney, JD Morera, Thelma Muraida, Paul Northway, Theresa Northway, Susan Oaks, Moe Profane, Kari Roberts-Sackmann, James Saldivar, Ramin Samandari, Raul Servin, Russell Stephenson, Kathleen Trenchard, Ross van Hunt, and Samuel Velasquez & Raquel Zawrotny, plus 10 “Front Porch Stories” by 10 Bihl Haus Goldens with photo illustrations by Ed Cody


28- Lost in Wonderland: The ALICE 15

This weekend at the Wonderland of America's Mall is a giant tribute to Tim Burton, LOST IN WONDERLAND.

There will be vendors, activities, and even a costume contest...and Saturday evening (6-9PM) at the Samurai Geek Designs space inside the Shops at Wonderland will be an exhibition of my ALICE 15 series.

It's my first solo show in quite some time. Hope to see many faces out there...in or out of costume :)



27- On/Off Fred Rd Studio Tour

This weekend is the On/Off Fred Rd Studio tour. I will be setting up at my mafia sister's home/space, Laurel Gibson.

Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm

I'm creating new collages..still working on them and it's getting close to the deadline....oops.

I'll have photo prints of my Black and Blue period as well as from other tamer subject matter. I will have 8x10 as well as 11x14 matted collages. I'll have my luck boxes and I'm thinking of showing the last of the D9EAM series...

Info on the event:


26- Angry German Oontz

This Saturday January 24th is Hans 242's annual 'Angry German Oontz' event.

This year it's a reunion for Klub Atomix, that has been closed since 2011. Dj MrScandal, Dj Spinlock, and Hans 242 will be on the decks...and all three are German...ahhhh

It'll be an event- complete w/ vendors, and you guessed it, I will be down at Korova vending.

INFACT, I am taking 5$ off every item I will be selling, so prints that are normally 20$, will be 15$, collages that are 15$ will be 10$ and so on...so if you're looking to get some gifts for upcoming birthdays and/or maybe some art for your own home, or early Valentine's goodies, come on and check it out. I'm working on new pieces right now too :)

and the best part...NO COVER!!!!!



Well with one week in the books, I thought it best to get started on updating and reactivating.

Spent some time on ETSY this morning. I tweaked some listings and lowered some prices...

et voila:


and I will be creating some new 11x14 collages for an event at the end of the month. More on that coming soon!!!!