53- Quote series

After working on the Alpha-Numero drawing series last year, I wanted to do one for 2018.

I decided to do a series of quotes, but with a twist. I asked friends for their top three quotes. I then picked one, and created a drawing. When finished they rec'd the original drawing for their birthday, and the images were uploaded to Society 6 for people to buy prints, stickers, cards etc.

I have finished the series. I created 19 drawings. To see the collection (not all 19 are uploaded yet) click on this link:


Below are the drawings, some of the images are 'in progress' others are complete.


52- Costa Rica prints

My prints from my trips to Costa Rica are available on two platforms.

You can order the prints in various formats from my Society 6 shop:

And you can order signed originals from my Etsy shop:


51- San Antonio Artists Collective

Happy New Year.

I am now part of the San Antonio Artists Collective

Main page:

Meet the artists page...scroll all the way down, you'll see my mug:

And here is my page. At present I have just selected 4 pieces. Going through and reshooting some and we will see what other pieces will present themselves. :)