On August 19, 2004 while at IAH (..Houston.. ..Intercontinental.. ..Airport..) on a layover between ..San Antonio.. and ....Palm Beach...., I was looking for a book on Greek mythology. Yes the E terminal has shops, I am not THAT delusional. I thought I need to get back into my drawings and the illuminated manuscript stuff I was doing when I veered to the photography path at my ‘fork in the road’. I checked the Museum Store (by the way it is no longer there) and to the mini Borders that is in terminal E. While in the children’s section, it came to me. Create your own mythology.

Now some people have asked over the course of the 5 years that it has taken me to complete this series, why I created my own mythology when the 1st commandment of my faith is:Thou shall not have any other gods before Me? The answer is simple, my artist statement. It still holds true…..things are not as they seem… I have left it up to you the viewer/audience to contemplate and come to your own conclusions as you view the work that is based on illuminated manuscripts from the Northern Renaissance.

I wrote the following in Sept 2007:

Project narrative:

I have created my own mythology. Granted many of us have our own 'mythology', however I took it a step further and created 13 gods and 13 goddesses. Now they are not being created in an illustrative way in which the characters are like comic book characters or creations. I am doing it in a more design way. Each 'character' has a typeface related to their character. For example 'Plastikon' is the god of credit card debt, and the typeface related to his character is a stencil. I'm doing the series in 'phases'. Phase 1 is a name introduction. Where each 'character' has an initial letter done up very illuminated manuscriptish and the rest of the name is in the typeface. I am hoping to do 'Phase 2' as giant illuminated manuscript pages (16”x20”) built up by pattern and layers of colour from the various typefaces thus creating elegant bright patterns of decoration, which one will think are just pure bliss, and then upon reading what they stand for, hopefully will get a chuckle or perhaps make some ponder as illuminated manuscripts were the vehicle used to promote religious stories or what some might call propaganda are now being used as a way of introducing new 'characters' into the vernacular. And finally I would like 'Phase 3'to be an overall societal assault with tshirts, bumper stickers etc.
I have surrendered Phase 3 because now that this series is finally complete, lo and behold I am going through a new change artistically… again.

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You can buy prints, cards, stickers etc of the series here:


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