South Ocean & Ambassador South

This is a blog I have been wanting to do for sometime, and now I can actually do it.

I've started to create 'motion and image' studies...and pairing them w/ music. For some of you, you're thinking 'finally she is making the next step to film' HA!!!! yea, finally is correct.

Below are 2 'studies'

South Ocean and Ambassador South

The first was a drive I did and I thought Thievery Corporation's Sweet Tides would be the perfect song...so I shot the drive, I converted it to black and white and then tweaked the contrast (think the 5 filter in the dark room...I know some of you know what I'm referring too;)), and then I plopped the song into the scene.

The second one was from a walk in the hallway of where I live/visit in Florida. I kept thinking it reminded me of a concrete disco ball. So I shot 3- 1 min clips, edited them down to 35 seconds and used just the instrumental parts of Rotersand's War on Error.

My goal is to do 1 study per month... we shall see if by the end of the year there are 12.




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