Interpol 8.21 Miami Beach

House lights dimmed, stage lights flickered bright blue, familiar silouhettes sauntered on the stage and the crowd roared...so began the Interpol show at the Jackie Gleason Fillmore Theater in Miami on August 21st.

It had been since Sept 2007 when they were touring with their less than stellar third album, 'Our Love to Admire', but it was Interpol and I needed a live fix...and though I was disappointed w/ the show I saw, I figured they would be back and back on track, and well my prediction was correct.

They've been touring the east coast of the US for the their upcoming fourth album, which drops on September 7th, and conveniently titled INTERPOL...from what I read in blogs and on the Interpol message board, I was looking forward to a set of favourites and they delivered.

They have a habit of starting a show w/ the first track from the album that they are promoting, and this show was no different. Paul spoke GASP!!!! 'Hello...welcome'. And they started the hour long main set with 'Success'. I had yet to hear it, and I liked it. They then went into the first of many from 'Turn on the Bright Lights' with 'Say Hello to the Angels' and the crowd loved it...dancing and singing and the band absorbed the energy we fed them. Not sure if it was the electricity from the storm brewing outside or the crowd itself, but the room was ALIVE....Paul spoke again... 'Thank you very much' and went into the first from 'Antics'...'C'mere'...once again the crowd went wild singing in unison. I think Paul was shocked by all the love b/c he thanked the crowd again.
They then played the second of the four new songs, 'Summer Well'. Paul uttered more words with the applauds 'Thank you very much, that was 'Summer Well'. This next song was inspired by time spent here in Miami'. After I came to due to the fact that he spoke two sentences in a row to a crowd, I was glad to hear 'Rest My Chemistry'. The only song from 'Our Love to Admire' album, which happens to be my fave track from that album. 'Evil' was next and EVERYONE was singing....'Rooossssemaaary....' 'Thank you very much' came out of Paul's mouth. And the the third song from the new album was played, 'Lights'. I am familiar with this one because they have a great video for it. After the song, Paul spoke again, 'thank you very much that one was called 'Lights''. He then continued to talk about the tour. I was standing next to a dude who looked at me 'not sure you're familiar with seeing them live, but I'm shocked he's so chatty.' I laughed and replied 'No kidding. This is my 5th time and yes, he's on a roll'. They then played 'Narc', my fave song from 'Antics'...and followed it with a dedication for the next song, 'Take You on a Cruise'...'This goes to a lovely lady, Christie Bush'....crowd was clapping and singing and then more singing came due to, 'Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down'. That was fun. They did some sorta free form jamming thing and that went into the last of the new songs, 'Try It On'. 'PDA' was the last from 'Turn on the Bright Lights' for the main set, and they ended the main set with 'Not Even Jail'...

They took a 2 maybe 3 minute break and came back on for a three song encore, and Paul was chatting some more....'Thank you, so that's Brandon, and that's Dave'. I miss Carlos manning the bass, but Dave Pajo did a good job of filling those holster wearing shoes of Carlos. They played 'NYC', 'Slow Hands', and ended the show with 'Obstacle 1'. I was not expecting to hear 'Slow hands' or 'Obstacle 1' because of some of the set lists I had seen prior to this show, but I sure was happy to hear one of my all time fave Interpol tunes, 'Obstacle 1'. They ended the show with Paul saying some stuff, but I couldn't hear it. I did record 'Success', 'Rest My Chemistry', 'Narc', 'Slow Hands', and 'Obstacle 1'....

Success http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLMMizaG-uY

Rest My Chemistry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tleukpG7NdA

Narc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll1iCVkkJ1k

Slow Hands http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jA4Y_fuXZI

Obstacle 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwtKqIFuLUU

I can't wait til the Austin show on October 28th at Stubb's.....

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