Color of the Blind exhibition

Saturday March 30th from 6-10pm at ZaZa Garden Gallery located at 723 S Flores, I will be partaking in the COLOR OF THE BLIND exhibition.

Here is a little blip from SAHearts website:

As people often times struggle to see ones ideas and visions it is the triumph of an artist that can only convey this idea. Local artists Trina Bacon and collaborator and International artist Katherine Brown brings to you an exhibit called, “The Color of Blind.” This show is to be interactive introducing the sense of smell, touch and taste to offer the BLIND community as well as visual artists a way in which to experience and understand color in art.

In addition, 30 other notable artists are contributing to The Color of Blind. Artists include Steven DaLuz, Kathy Sosa, Joan Frederick, Robert Tatum, James Hetherington and many others. All artists are required to explore what color represents through their selected mediums using touch and scent.

Our sponsors are Humberto Saldana of Saldana and Associates, Channel 4 News WOAI, Starbucks, Chicho Boys Market, Owl Radio (Low Vision Resource Center), Ricos, Freshious Cakes Catering, Rosie Coronado Salazar and Regina Villalobos.

And another lil blip from Nowcast:

While people may struggle to see the artistic ideas and visions of others, it is the triumph of one local artist to share her vision of art and education with the blind and sight seeing communities. The Color of Blind is an interactive art show by Trina Geurra Bacon and Katherine Brown. The show brings together the senses of smell, touch and taste to offer the blind and seeing community a way in which to experience and understand color and art.

In addition, 40 other notable artists are contributing to The Color of Blind. This all takes place with an opening reception on Saturday, March 30, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at ZaZa Garden Gallery located at 723 South Flores Street.

The Color of Blind is considered an abstract concept, but not a new concept. Bacon, local art teacher, ceramist, tactile and 3D artist, says art shows with the same theme have been done before, but not very often. The Color of Blind has been in the planning process for four years, as Bacon found through her pre-school and youth teachings that colors through taste and texture had an impact on youth. The art show itself will take a person through shapes and colors as they walk through sections experiencing blue to green to purple, and so on.

“People who are blind or have low–vision can use other senses to feel color," says Bacon. "Everyone will be able to smell, touch, and taste color through this art show.
"Sight seeing people might not immediately realize it, but they relate color to a taste. For example, pink is connected to bubble gum and cotton candy. I’ve discovered this to be the same with youth whom I have taught.”

Local businesses are also taking part in The Color of Blind by contributing to the sensory aspects of the show. Starbucks, Rico’s Products, Co. and Chicho Boys Fruit Market are all supplying portions of the “taste and scent” sections for each color.

In launching The Color of Blind, Bacon recruited the help of artist and stage IV brain tumor survivor Katherine Brown. Brown has helped to expand the show to include the works and pieces from over 40 notable artists, inlcuding Kathy Sosa, Joan Frederick and James Hetherington. All artists were asked to explore what color represents through their selected mediums using touch and scent. It is with Brown’s expanded vision and expertise that The Color of Blind has become a multi-faceted, interactive show.
"Museums have come a long way to accommodate the disabled," says Brown. "Wheelchair access has improved and many museums offer signing tours for the deaf. But the blind population cannot see, and therefore must rely upon their other senses, such as touch, to experience the world around them.”

The Color of Blind is a labor of love for Bacon, who found art to be an escape for her as a misplaced youth and into adulthood, having experienced many personal challenges. “I feel it is extremely important for everyone to experience art,” says Bacon. “It has had so much impact on my life both therapeutically and by affording me opportunities. Most importantly, it has helped me to be able to teach others.”

Once The Color of Blind is complete, Bacon plans to continue art through education for youth and adults, for both seeing and the visually impaired. “I have already used my sensory colors at pre-schools as well as on 18-month olds up to 5 years old,” says Bacon. “I am almost done expanding this curriculum to approach more learning institutions and learning resources.”
The Color of Blind opens Saturday, March 30 and runs through Friday, April 5 at ZaZa Garden Gallery at 723 South Flores Street. Information about The Color of Blind and/or curriculum information may be found by calling (210) 707-7474 or mosaictrina@gmail.com.

Event SponsorsSaldana & Associates, INC., Starbucks Coffee, Chicho Boys Fruit Market, Rico’s Products Co., Owl Radio (Low Vision Resource Center), Freshious Cakes Catering, and Rosie Coronado-Salazar/Graphic Design.

Participating Artists
Bryson Brooks, Rebecca Coffey, Steven Daluz, Lauren Browning, Cody Vance, James Hetherington, James Raska, Louis Vega Trevino, Antonia Richardson, Russell Stevenson, Kimberly Newsome, Cat Quintanilla (Stone Carver Cat), Katherine Daluz Maple, Ethan Moore, Susan Budge, Joan Frederick, Kathy Sosa, Robert Tatum, Myriam Lanau, Marcy McChesney, Laura Salazar, Susan Oakes, Samantha Ostos, Jenny Smith, Jaqui Kat, Manuel Salazar, Christian Withers, Oscar Saenz, Umberto Saldana, Trina Bacon, Katherine Brown, Paul Karam, Duane Johnson, James Saldivar, Lili Pena-Dyer, Kim Bishop, Andy Benavides, Steven DaLuz, and Sabine Senft. More confirming.

I'm in the process of re-purposing 'blocks' I created/assembled while attending KCAI. This has been a great process thus far and I'm really looking forward to people experiencing the piece.

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