11- 1005 Faces

Yesterday I took part in a great project that my friend Sarah Brooke Lyons is creating. She asked me to be part of this AMAZING project and I happily accepted.
Below are some links to this huge undertaking:

Guess what I chose to write on the white board?

Most people who I correspond with have seen the phrase for the past 10 years :;wink::

and below are the quotes from the past week:

'Creativity and love surely come from the same source, and both have no boundaries. It all depends on how we use them.' Nancy Green.

'There is no must in art because art is free.' Wassily Kandinsky

'The creative urge matters. Stories matter. Images matter. It matters that you were born with a genius, a guiding spirit, a daimon that may know more about your destiny than you do.' Phil Cousineau


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty cool photo project! I want to see ur photo

cabana boy productions said...

My # was 794. I'll def update when it's available to see :)